19th BD



A weird way to celebrate a birthday, but I guess this one’s an unforgettable one being surrounded & greeted by the people I’ve only known for a month. It all started on a week before my birthday, we were eating pizzas & chickens from Shakey’s for our merienda (c/o CFO) when Kurt was asked when was his birthday. He told them August 15 & they asked him again when was mine. I got a little nervous because I didn’t want them to know that my birthday’s next week & I wanted to surprise them with spaghetti for lunch on that day. Kurt answered “May 24” & I laughed because it was wrong. They teased him for not knowing my birth date. He corrected, “May 14” & everyone were surprised that my birthday’s next week. Ms. Queency volunteered to bring food that day & Ma’am Su for the cake. Anyone that came to the Accounting department were encouraged to bring food on the 14th. It was somewhat embarrassing & awkward at the same time.


When my day came, I was late & arrived carrying a big bag containing spaghetti, lumpiang shanghai, & buko salad. Ms. Queency arrived late too & she bought lots of food like chicharon, leche flan, adobo, “malagkit” and some viands all the way from Pangasinan. It was like a fiesta in our department because of ‘overflowing’ foods in the office & many came to eat with us. They would greet me “happy birthday” & tell me that the Spaghetti was splendid. I’ll never forget that Ma’am Su (CFO) greeted me “happy birthday, Bettina” & kissed me on the cheek & told me I looked pretty. The President, Ms. Cheng, greeted me too & teased me that I’m too young.


The most memorable part is when Ma’am Su bought me a large Mango Bravo cake from Conti’s & urged me to blow the candle after everyone sang happy birthday.


Funny part? 🙂 They didn’t let me do too much things that day. 🙂


On the 15th, Kurt & I celebrated after work where he treated me to the place where I’ve been wanting to eat since I laid my hands on their brochure. Army Navy. It was a dream come true for me to finally eat at Army Navy & order Bully Boy Burger!!!



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