How to deal with your girl’s mood swings.

Now let me clear this out, this one’s for every guy who suffer from their girl’s sudden changes in their mood. This situation normally occurs when girls happen to have their period every month. Yes, boys. When we reach puberty, we have what we call menstrual cycle. We bleed, we get break-outs, cramps, poor or grand eating habits, we become irritated so easily, or may feel overjoyed. You may get perplexed, annoyed, tired, & such but dude, we are too. We never want these things to happen to us. We didn’t ask our body to discharge blood from the lining of our uterus for 84 days a year. Grossed out? Cool.


Here’s the fun part, tips:


1) Understand her. Yes, that’s rule #1. The most precious rule. Of course if you don’t want World War III to start.

2) Ask her what’s wrong or if something hurts. If she answers, suggest something that’d make her feel better. Like, ask her to sit down or lay for a while, carry her bag/belongings, help her walk, etc.

3) If she craves for something, let her have it. This one’s simple & needs no further explanation. πŸ™‚

4) Hold her hand when she’s on the verge of her temper. I strongly believe that this helps any girl calm down. It reminds her that you’re there & you care.

5) You, yourself should calm down. Accept what is happening Don’t fight with her with silly things because it will only worsen the situation.


These tips are for the very common scenarios. I remind you to be patient & talk to her in your normal, caring tone. Her ‘next time of the month’ would be much easier for you now. Good luck πŸ™‚


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