The Adventures of a Nicki Minaj Concert Ticket

When I applied for Plan 499 of Globe, it has a free Nicki Minaj concert ticket. I was thinking of going or selling the ticket. But obviously, selling it was the greater option because I’ll be needing money for my future endeavors. P3-5K was the price for the Upper Box ticket but no one has the money to buy among my contacts. So we placed it for P2-5K. Still no one is interested so I told my Mom I’ll go to the concert because the ticket would be ‘sayang’. For specific reasons, she scolded me because I’ll be going by myself & the concert would end late at night. So I told her I’ll sell the ticket at a much lower price. When the concert day arrived, I gave the interested buyer P500 from his asking price. One interested buyer wanted it for P300 but Kurt didn’t accept the offer. No one bought it so we decided to go to MOA to sell it there or I’d actually go to the concert. Going there, I felt pressure of going/selling. It’d be a once in a lifetime experience. Besides, I ❤ NICKI MINAJ!!!!



Starships, are meant to flyyy!


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