Exotic Pets 101

You’re wondering how come a girl would blog something about exotic pets when she’s actually a GIRL & probably doesn’t know anything about it. True, I don’t know anything about these animal/insects & I never owned one. All I had were dogs, rabbits, fishes, & bantam chickens. Well, I thought of exotic pets to blog about because it is somehow, slowly becoming a trend. The thought of owning these pets may come from other friends, or one who has seen a feature on local morning TV shows. It has become interesting and people especially young adults were drawn to it.


The only exotic pets I know were only stories from someone that actually have them. He used to buy and sell these or make them as pets. I only know a few like leopard gecko, scorpions, bearded dragon, ball python, and hedgehogs.


A few tips from an exotic pet owner:

1) Secure your invertebrates from ants.

2) ALWAYS wash hands after touching them.

3) Know what type of housing & climate is neede for your pet.

4) They eat live prey.

5) Be aware that some species are nocturnal by nature, so will be at their most active at night.

6) Some pets like to be handled, some are not and are aggressive & quite dangerous.

7) They can be really quite pricy.



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