Lunch buffet, hooray!





Before we have seen this tarpaulin whenever we pass by Cafe Museo, K & I thought of trying it because God knows how we eat a lot together. Plus, we’d like to try another buffet (the first one’s in Viking’s together with Manprom employees). But that time, we were on a hunger/do-not-spend-a-single-peso kind of strike. He was on a diet, trying to lose weight, saving up for his another toy for January (Joker from Batman, Heath Ledger version, P12K. Crazy? Yes.). And me trying to save for my Globe Plan (I insisted my Mom to apply me to a BB Plan and I’m going to be the one to pay for it), and also, trying to save up and prepare for my man’s birthday.

One thursday morning, I was feeling hungry during a class and myu only breakfast then was a banana (saging na saba c/o K, bec. we’re trying to live healthy now). I wantedto eat that time and then I remembered Cafe Museo’s buffet but still unsure of its date. But when we passed by it, we were lucky because it was today! So we went up, paid for it half-heartedly, and went straight to get a table and get plates. I loved the food, I ate so many I even ate carbonara after eating rice. I love the dessert especially the chocolate dip.My tummy was happy. It ws heaven at school.


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