Travel Diary #1: Cebu City

Sharing our experience during our mini vacation down south! ❤

Airline: Air Asia

Price: Php 5,100-5,200

We bought out tickets during their three day promo period last January. It’s my first time booking a flight so I’m not familiar with the regular prices of local trips. The tickets bought are for two, with additional 20kg for each baggage.

Day 1 Manila to Cebu


Hotel: Undisclosed

Price: Php 1,600 for two days

Literally you get what you pay for. The moment the cab took us downtown and dropped us at the “hotel”, we were unimpressed. This was NOT what we were expecting and not what we have seen on the hotel’s website. We were disappointed but we have nothing to do because I already made the reservations for two days.  Instead of wasting time and money looking for another place, we just pursued this because it was already getting late and we had to get on with our tour before night begins. P.S, I hate this hotel so much I won’t bother mentioning its name.

(Late) Lunch: Sunburst Chicken

Price: Php 322 for two meals

K found out about this place when he was searching the internet on where to eat in Cebu. It was just a few blocks away from where we were staying. If you love fried chicken like me, then this place is for you. I heard this place has been around for quite some time. This is definitely worth checking.


  • Magellan’s Cross
  • Nino de Cebu Basilica
  • Plaza Independencia
  • Fort San Pedro
  • Malacanang of the South
  • Cebu Cathedral and museum (Museum has Php 50 entrance fee)

For our tour, we started around 4pm because we had our lunch past 3pm. So our first agenda is to visit the nearest tourist spots. We had to walk for a few hours during our tour, with the afternoon sun above us. We tried bibingka that is sold on the streets and a kikiam look-a-like topped with seaweeds.

When it was getting dark, we ended our tour along Plaza Independencia where we only passed by the building because it was closed. We went back to our hotel and rested for a little, then we went out for dinner.

Dinner: Larsian BBQ

Price: 267

As far as I remember, we paid for 10 rice, a squid, chicken leg, two sticks of chorizo (6pcs each), two sticks of intestines (isaw), and two barbecue sticks. When they served our meal, I was disappointed with the chorizo because it turned out some pieces were missing and some has shrunken. We noticed also our barbecue shrunk.

Day 2 Other tourist spots in the city

Breakfast: McDonald’s

Price: 276

We walked a few blocks to get to a place where a certain jeepney passes by. Jeepneys in Cebu has definite routes which makes it easier to commute. We rode a jeepney going to Lahug where a habal-habal kind of terminal is located. We paid Php 600 for two habal-habal.


  • Temple of Leah (Entrance fee of Php 50)
  • Taoist Temple
  • CNT Lechon
  • SM Seaside

Another walking marathon especially going to and from the Taoist Temple. The roads going there are uphill so it’s a little difficult. If you have been to Baguio, you’ll know what I mean 😉

Lunch: CNT Lechon

Price: Php 170

Cebu is famous for their lechon, and this restaurant typically belongs to a list of “Where to eat in Cebu”. But, we didn’t order their lechon LOL. We just ordered dinuguan and lechon paksiw here, nothing special. We were planning to buy frozen lechon when we’ll fly back to Manila.

Tip: this place gets too crowded easily, be prepared for the long lines.

Dessert: Room for Desserts

Price: Php 189

From CNT Lechon, we rode a taxi going to SM Seaside and paid Php 121 for the fare (cheap for an hour ride!). I’ve been wanting to try Room for Dessert’s ice cream with cotton candy around a cup or a cone ever since I watched a video on Facebook. I ordered Ting’s Heavenly Chocolate (in a cup) while K got a green tea ice blended coffee, a total of Php 189 only!

Since we didn’t want to go back to our hotel yet, we decided to avail K’s free movie passes to watch a movie (Warcraft). These movie passes were accumulated by earning points in an SM E-Plus card. We’ve been earning points since 2013 (or 2014) by watching a lot of movies. So imagine we earned around 20+ movie passes. If you haven’t got an E-Plus yet, I suggest you avail one. It’s a good deal.

Dinner: McDonald’s

Price: Php 184

Day 3 Oslob

Hotel: Hotel Sebastian (booked thru Travelbook)

Price: Php 1,800 (free breakfast, complimentary use of infinity pool and kayak)

Tour: Php 1,200(or 1,500) for whaleshark watching and Tumalog Falls – free transportation

Arrived at Oslob around 3-4am. We booked the earliest trip (1am) to avoid traffic or whatnots because we wanted to go whaleshark watching in the morning.


  • Whaleshark watching
  • Tumalog Falls

It’s a once in a lifetime experience. I tried my best to avoid the whalesharks but there came a time when it passed by us, I had contact with its skin which made me itch afterwards. I was so overwhelmed with the encounter with the whalesharks but it also saddens me that this is not a good practice because whalesharks now depend on the fishermen to feed them.

Tumalog Falls is majestic, but I guess not as majestic as it was before. I’ve seen photos of it from way back, its waters are not the same anymore. The waters flowing down from it is not strong unlike from the photos before. The water was really cold and only a few tourists were there, and it also came a time when K and I were the only ones there. Going to and from Tumalog Falls, you had to ride a habal-habal only.

After our energy-draining tour, we went back to our hotel and kayaked under the heat of the sun, and took advantage of the infinity pool overlooking the ocean. Our lunch at the hotel costs Php 205.

We found a place to eat just along the road, it’s just a simple grilling spot with tables and chairs. We ordered chorizo, squid, chicken, and isaw for only Php 198. This is the cheapest anniversary dinner we had and it’s worth it ❤

Day 4 Back to Cebu City

Hotel: Crown Regency Towers

Price: Php 2,822 (Metrodeal)

We took the 4hr trip back to the city at around 8:30am. Bus fare was Php 144 each. Loved the hotel except we waited for almost an hour just to let the receptionist check us in. The hotel was fully-booked but they managed to get us a room. The only problem with our room was the flush of the toilet which totally sucked. We already complained several times but no action was received from the hotel’s end even though they kept on assuring us that it will be fixed.

Lunch: Jollibee

Price: Php 207

Pasalubong: Shamrock

Price: Php 1,422

Pasalubong: Dried squid, danggit, chorizo

Price: Php 200, Php 180, Php 600

Dinner: Casa Verde

Price: Php 1,500++

One of the most talked-about restaurants in town is Casa Verde. I highly recommend trying here because of its mouth-watering dishes with big servings. We ordered Brian’s Ribs, Golden Chicken Fingers, and a Milky Way – which are all a must-try.

I’ve been also waiting for this moment – trying Skywalk Adventure! Entrance fee was Php 100 while the Skywalk Adventure was Php 500. It was one of the highlights of our trip.

Day 4 Back to Manila


Our agenda for the day was to buy lechon that we could take back to Manila. We bought at Zubuchon for Php 640/kilo which we’ll just get before we leave for the airport. Our flight was 8:05pm so we still had time to roam around the other side of the city. One of the places that were on top of my list was La Vie but unfortunately we weren’t able to locate it. We went to IT Park/Ayala Mall but there was no La Vie there even though it said on my Zomato app that it also has a branch there. Due to walking around the mall finding La Vie, we were really hungry and it was already lunch time. We just had our lunch at KFC.

We toured at Mactan Shrine around 3pm, it was sooooo hot that day. It was just a simple tour that took only 30mins. After that, we went back to Zubuchon to get our lechon and went to the airport.

Our flight got delayed due to NAIA T3 traffic in runways, I guess.

I recommend going to Cebu but try to find a good hotel and just avoid going downtown. Touring around the city would take a day, and you also need to plan going to other parts of the province which usually takes 2-4hrs travel time. I wanted to go to Camotes Island but we had not enough time and also the ship schedule going there may be unpredictable. I also wanted to try Kawasan Falls but I read somewhere that it will be closed during our visit for safety measures.

Have fun!



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